Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Yum on Steroid

If you are a Debian user, you would know what a joy is to use apt-get or aptitude specially when those are teamed up with bash-completion scripts.

In contrast, Yum on Fedora has a poor performance and is sometimes annoying. On Fedora 11, bash completion for Yum is virtually impractical to use as it's unbearably slow. It sometimes take up to two minutes for the prompt to return to life.

I don't know much about Yum and my lack of knowledge could be at least partly responsible for the poor performance of this particular setup.

Fortunately, Yum has quite a few plugins which I found some significantly improving its speed. In particular, I have installed rpm-warm-cache, updatesd and refresh-updatesd. It'll surprises you just to see how much faster Yum gets with these plugins and one wonders why these aren't installed by default.

A shot of plugins to keep it going for now:
yum install yum-updatesd yum-plugin-rpm-warm-cache yum-plugin-refresh-updatesd

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