Saturday, February 28, 2009

Education or Censorship?

So what is the obsession with censorship of information? When did it actually achieve its intended goals in the past for any nation? Of course, I meant any achievement other than suppression of free speech and protecting illegal activities of corrupted rulers.

Australia is a great country and we are proud of our diverse and free society but we should not take it for granted. Freedom that we enjoy today has not come at no cost and we should protect it. Our democracy would quickly turn into dictatorship if censorship becomes our quick solution to every problem.

Surely, filtering of Internet in Australia is not only about child pornography and covers whole range of contents labeled 'inappropriate'. Considering our diverse multi-cultural population, such classification will only undermine tolerance and respect in our society and strip a large portion of this nation of their right to information.

In my opinion, censorship in a democratic environment is absurd to say the least. In addition, filtering gives a false sense of security that can lead to more disastrous results. In case of children accessing harmful contents, parents education can be a more effective method as software for control Internet access at home are readily available.

Please join the campaign to end this proposal and stop our government from following the footsteps of others blindly.

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

Thursday, February 26, 2009

TomTom won't be the last one!

Microsoft has sued TomTom for patent infringement. You should have hear it by now and what's better for M$ to have some extra cash and loyalty payment in the middle of a recession. Business as usual with a difference, that is their probable win or settlement can complicate things for FOSS community.

It's unlikely they sue everyone even if patents are to be upheld in court and applicable to other implementations. Others got patents for defend themselves too but that's still not a desired situation to be in for anyone.

OK. I hope you were not looking for any serious opinion or insight because I don't have any. I never liked FAT and I hope FOSS community take a note and don't assume (though I wished) their patents are all as worthless as the UAC one.

So don't format a FAT on that external hard drive if you don't have to attach to a FAT-only sh*t box.