Saturday, June 20, 2009

You are not alone!

Don't give up! Yesterday, indeed was one of the darkest days of our revolution; the day Khamenei stood on the footstep of the very dictator he fought against before. He promised the same violence and bloodshed that once Pahlavi's regime did to men and women of this land.

What seems inevitable today, I truly hope, be avoided and we don't lose any of our dearest brothers and sisters. But those in Iran who think they are any more powerful than Shah, should know the people who have tasted freedom once will never go back to dictatorship.

I kindly requests from all freedom loving people of this planet not to recognised Iran's government as it is now. Any government that ignores and threatens to brutally suppress a significant (if not majority) portion of its nation is not a legitimate government.

Iran, you are not alone. No matter, what they do to you brave boys and girls, men and women of this great nation, you will not be forgotten. We will be with you till you get what you deserve.

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  1. I hope Iran, one of the oldest contries,fight till the end for its belief.