Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't sleep Iran!

Sadly, truth is often bitter. We often don't wanna know about it and hope for the best. I think this is why we vote every now and then despite the usual mismanagements and undelivered promises, hopping tomorrow would be different.

All this time, we could have asked for more but we never asked. Perhaps, we preferred a peaceful life, so peaceful that we felt asleep while some was taking away our very hope. Regardless of election result, ban on protests and strong use of force to suppress the opposition indicates we are almost at the footsteps of a dictatorship.

I'd never recognise such election but like or not, other countries will do just like Russia and China. You've heard it right, all those governments that doubted us every single time and used to call our system a dictatorship, now respect our "democracy" and refrain from involving into our "internal affairs"; one suspects of a secret deal between Ahmadinejad's and other superpowers.

Don't sleep Iran. Not this time. If we don't stand for our freedom, nobody will and we won't get back what we lose today four years later.

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A very interesting article on current political situation in Iran

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