Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long Domain Names and RDP Clients

A few days ago, I encounter a strange authentication problem when I tried to connect to a Windows Server 2008 via RDP using several Android remote desktop applications. The server was running AD and had an unusually long domain name. While Vista's native remote desktop client had no problem connecting to the server, both Jump Desktop and Pocket Cloud on my Android phone were complaining about "wrong username/password". On Fedora, remmina wasn't doing any better (latest 0.9.3) so I decided to find out why.

After a bit of inspection, I realised that all these clients truncate domain field in authentication setting to some arbitrary length. Although I can't be sure what backend the Android applications used, the issue on Linux is certainly related to freerdp as rdesktop connects to the Windows machine without any problem.

The fix on the Fedora was straight forward, just downgrading remmina to the repository's 0.7.5 (older versions of remmina use rdesktop as the backend). And for the Android apps?

If you combine domain with username in the following way, you can get RDP working on Jump Desktop and PocketCloud Android applications (hackish but until the developers fix the bug):
You should leave the domain field blank for it to work.

Jump Desktop
Pocket Cloud

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